Cell Phone Gambling – Yes, Even Your Old-model Phone Can Play

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By Jerry Whittaker

The provision of real money, cell phone gambling into the palm of your hand – right at your fingertips, is available right now – today. Simply login to your favourite online casino and click on the mobile tab. There are games available across the board from roulette to slots and even scratchies; for iPhone, Android and normal WAP enabled cell phones. So, if your favourite online casino does not have ‘mobile’ tab, it is seriously time to join a new casino website.

At one time games needed to be individually loaded, but things are getting better by the day, and the subscriber may even opt to have a ‘bundle’ of games delivered. These are sent to the phone through an SMS link, from the website via a link, or by scanning in barcodes with use of sophisticated technology, such as that available on Apple iPhones. Even most of mid-range, basic cell phones today are WAP enabled, and therefore able to allow their owners to get into real money cell phone gambling.

Games and systems are fully interactive; offer integrated payment and other back office systems, such as account record keeping. Placing a wager is not only limited to casino games, online bingo is popular too, as are sports betting, betting exchanges, spread betting and wagers on global financial markets. Poker is also played for real money via cell phone gambling, but this is not an ideal way for poker pros to play. However, for the occasional poker punter, playing this way every now and then can also be great fun.

Just like the online casino; every type of cell phone gambling means the player is able to claim bonuses. Cell phone accounts are linked to one wallet at the online gambling site, and when first deposits are made, cash match bonuses are the norm. There may even be some mobile gambling sites which offer no deposit bonuses for the player to try one game at least before they buy. All other bonus scenarios, loyalty points and various promotions apply. Obviously because not all games that are available online are available on mobile, only certain promotions will apply to mobile gambling members; these offers are always made clear to the player.

Mobile casino games listings are made available at virtually every site, this is to enable the player to check if their handset name and model may be used to gamble. You might also be surprised to find that your WAP enabled Samsung, which is already three years old, actually supports various games. While more and more new applications are being made available virtually every day, mobile gambling has available online for a number of years; the only thing that has changed dramatically is iPhone and Android technology, as well as the uptake from consumers.

Mobile Phone Gambling – Bingo! There’s No Going Back Now

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By Jerry Whittaker

Operators of mobile phone gambling applications and software platforms are finding this form of gaming to be nothing short of phenomenally popular with fans. As more smartphones hit the market and the shift grows towards using these handsets, there is more uptake on gambling games and apps. Finall growth in this alternative channel for online gambling is starting to show serious uptake. Through slots and casino table games, sports betting, bingo, and more; mobile phone gambling now puts the power of the Internet, right in the palm of your hand.

In the UK there are a couple of preferred mobile phone gambling activities showing serious growth, one is mobile sports betting and the other is Britain’s favourite game…can you guess?…right it’s…Bingo! Yup bingo is the name of the game, and in a survey of one substantial affiliate member base alone (100 000+ members); this indicates that 47% of online bingo players own a mobile phone. 34% of the survey respondents also said they would be happy to play mobile bingo for real money, and 30% responded that they would play real money slots games too. We are looking at some pretty big numbers, and there is no going back now!

For some time now online bingo and other UK gambling concerns, have been making mobile phone gambling apps available, even though the uptake was initially much slower than was expected. The mobile scenario has done a double take, and backed by the fact that technology has advanced rapidly, and mobile social networking has instilled confidence in users, more and more bingo players are taking a leap of faith to put their money where their mouth is, on mobile. Android, iPhone and Web enabled mobile games are all readily available, and all games applications include fully integrated as well as encrypted payment systems. 65% of mobile bingo players make use of the Android OS, while only 16% make use of the iPhone and 19% are on Blackberry.

Mobile phone gambling games developers are taking advantage of this information as well as the fact that the tables have turned; and are taking a more serious look at mobile games developers. Mobile is no longer an afterthought it has become an ‘essential’. In fact Playtech recently purchased the Swedish mobile sportsbook developer – Mobenga, for a neat €23.8 million! They certainly had a need to fill this gap in their portfolio, and have recently signed a massive multi-year (and multi-million) deal with Gala Coral online. As part of the deal, Playtech gets Gala Bingo online as a client, as well as all other online operations, and they are also being charged with developing a brand new mobile sports betting facility for Gala.

Virtually daily in the online gambling news industry, we see mobile phone gambling apps being developed and launched. With the start of the new British football season for 2011 for example, quite a number of football-specific games and platforms have already been launched. In the meantime if you want to play mobile bingo, or any other gambling game in fact; there is more than enough choices to keep you busy.

Cell Phone Casino – Microgaming As Always IS Top of Their Game

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By Jerry Whittaker

All gambling industry analysts agree – the cell phone casino and mobile gambling growth is the next big wave of popularity to expect for this industry. m-Commerce is gearing up to present iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch applications as well as Android. Some sites offer Blackberry – not many at this point in time – and virtually all online casinos worth half a penny, offer tons of WAP enabled games; there are still millions of non-smart-phone users to cater for.

One of the first to step a foot in the door with any new online gambling development is Microgaming. These developers are always on top of their game, and one of the most aggressive in their rollout of new software systems and games. They have a history of being first off the mark, and again they have got the ball rolling for the cell phone casino with the GameWire™ software platform. This technology has already advanced to another level with Microgaming Quickfire™, which allows various software platforms to operate approximately 160 of their casino table games and slots.

To explain this system very simply; Quickfire is a type of software adapter, which when plugged into any platform allows for any of its games to be played. Just to go a little deeper into it, one cannot offer slots games off a dedicated poker platform normally;s with this software one can now offer these games and it works across every online gambling platform including mobile. By the same token, more and more gambling sites are taking up the product and it is becoming widely popular, but not all Microgaming sites have it on offer as yet. You will find it at Virgin Game – they are lightening fast with every gambling game offering known to man (just about), as well as a few other websites. The uptake hasn’t exactly been slow, but it is taking time for some casino clients to see the light.

The cell phone casino market is driven by the need of the consumer to consume all the latest handsets; who are we to argue. iPhones, Blackberry’s and Androids have become bigger and better status symbols for feeding the ego of ladies, than a pair of Jimmy Choo’s and matching Vivienne Westwood handbag would do. It is easy to pass off a Woollies handbag, if you can produce the latest iPhone from its depths – not unlike the proverbial rabbit from a magicians hat – be the envy of all your friends! m-Commerce apps and platforms work hand-in-hand with this consumerism aspect.

Being on Microgaming software also means that the biggest progressive jackpot prize games have been adapted for play with the cell phone casino evolution. These are games such as Mega Moolah, Mega Major, Mega Minor and Mega Mini, which means millions of €/£/$ worth of prize money is also up for grabs on mobile. You can’t take your PC with you when you go out with the girls for a drink, but you can take your mobile casino, and won’t the girls be impressed with your new iPhone handset too?

Mobile Video Poker – Want to Make a Smart Bet?

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Playing mobile video poker, just like playing video poker online, can be a very smart bet to make, if you want to take a bet on the move. It is a simple game to play, and a very nice way to spend a happy half hour gambling when waiting for your dentist, doctor, or travelling in to work on the bus or train. Everyone loves this game, and it can also be quite a winner!

What video poker boils down to in its most basic form; is a one-player odds based game dealt by a mobile deck of card. Sort of a hybrid of poker and the slots, which is played against the house, and not against other players! Mobile casino games such as slots, roulette and blackjack are being more popularly played every day, and it soon made good sense to add video poker to the repertoire. It plays mostly in the form of five-card draw poker, usually in a Jacks or Better format, but often also featuring Deuces, Aces, Jokers or other cards as wild cards.

The player chooses the format of game, depending how spicy they want it – places a bet and is dealt five cards. From these cards they are given one round in which to trade some cards in and hold others; then it is time to cross fingers and hope Lady Luck is on their side for the next deal. There is a very elementary, but definite strategy in which to play every version of video poker to achieve optimum payout. Winners receive a payout of multiples of their bet according to the pay-tables, and dependent upon what poker hand – if any – they have managed to achieve. If they hit the money-zone, winnings can be rather substantial, if they have at least a pair of Jacks, they receive their money back, and if they get absolutely no hand at all; players lose their money.

Just like online video poker, mobile video poker is a mesmerizing game to a vast amount of casino games lovers; it’s a real crowd-pleaser, because of the basic skill and strategy required for a winning outcome. At the same time; as we said, it is also a simple game to play and it is in this factor that it’s popularity lies. Similarly when we play blackjack and make use of strategy cards to help us to learn the best basic strategy moves, some version of mobile video poker, also allow us to play with a ‘hint’ mode on, so we can learn to play in the correct way. You won’t find this featured in live casinos, but there are various products online and mobile that will advise you to switch your play, and quite honestly we can’t think of a fairer or better way to learn to play a new online casino game. It really is a smart bet!

Mobile Phone Casinos – The New World in the Palm of Your Hand

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The world of the online casino has been available on mobile channels for a number of years. In fact, virtually since WAP enabled phone technology has been widely available. However, this form of online gambling entertainment has only caught the public eye so fervently in very recent times. This is not only due to the fact that technology has advanced to such an extent to make playing these games so accessible, it has taken time for consumers to confidently believe that the world of online gambling can be in the palm of their hands! Mobile phone casinos are widely available now, and users – thanks to social networking – are no longer afraid to make real money games a part of their mobile world.

We are not only talking about playing casino games in this context, users are dumping PC’s for tablets and smart phones at an alarming rate, and sky-rocketing their internet use into the stratosphere while on the move. It stands to reason that gambling games would become part of this deal.

In the UK for example, the most mobile gambling growth is being seen in sports betting. Operators are quickly catching on, and it is all systems go for Android and iPhone applications development – a lot of this is taking place right now. It makes sense that sport betting is popular, because both football and horse racing betting are two of the most popular wagering activities in this country. Now we can go to a football match or the pub, and place an in-play bet on the footie while watching it live in action. Perhaps this will distract football hooligans from getting themselves into trouble? Watching a match with a bet in place always makes the game much more exciting, although losing the bet may also cause problems with run-away tempers.

Besides sports betting activities, mobile phone casinos also offer a whole host of games. Roulette has always been hugely popular; this made the game one of the first choices to be offered on the mobile channel. Being a structure random number game, it was relatively simple to develop, and by the same token, slots soon became adapted for a mobile gaming platform. Blackjack is popular too, and now even mobile bingo has become very big mobile news.

When it comes to playing poker on mobile this is a whole different kettle of fish. This particular game is not played against the house, and with up to ten real money players seated around a table; presented a bit of a problem for software developers. At one point in time, half of the table could only been seen in play. Again technology has come to the fore and finally caught up with the fact that players want mobile poker. Software has improved and so has the size and resolution of screens. However, it is still highly unlikely that serious online poker professionals will ever make use of much in the way of mobile poker opportunities. More often than not these guys take part in multi-tabling and even use more than one big screen to facilitate their games. That having been said, virtually every other game is grist for the mobile gamblers mill.

Mobile Phone Gambling – What’s Hot and What’s Not

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By Jerry Whittaker

There are very few things about mobile phone gambling that are not “hot” at this moment in time; although the uptake on mobile gambling has been slower than some operators initially thought it would be. For example online bingo, poker and casinos – people are playing these games on mobiles and smartphones, but sports-betting is the current biggest growth sector and this is what’s really hot in terms of mobile phone gambling. Trust has been a big problem in terms of uptake in the past (mobile gambling has been around for years), although this mind-set is changing in the face of growing social networking trends.

Online bingo is being played on mobile phones and although this game is considered to be soft gambling; it is still mobile phone gambling. Most of the popular online bingo sites offer mobile as well as iPhone and Android applications for bingo games as well as slots, scratch cards and whatever else they have going. While bingo itself was not simple to get going on mobile applications, slots definitely got the games going; now even progressive jackpot and big guaranteed prizes may be won with bingo mobile phone gambling.

Casino games have also been relatively successful in the transfer over to a preference for gambling on the move; however poker is one area of the industry where not a great deal of uptake is seen. It has to be understood that no matter the quality of the technology for online mobile poker, it is the nature of this particular game which makes it not so appealing on mobile. The really good online poker players even make use of oversized screens. This is because traditionally they play multiple tables the majority of the time. Some really good online gamblers in poker, play 12, 24 or even more tables simultaneously! As one might imagine, it would be difficult to see what’s happening with all of these tables even when using the most advanced smartphones.

So, while online bingo is relatively hot, mobile casino games are warm to middling and poker is not hot on mobile; the nature of sports betting makes this the hottest of all mobile phone gambling activities. Things may change, they may not, but it has been predicted that mobile phone gambling will be the next big wave of success for online gambling operations. It is believe to be the way that many fans will play in the future. It might not be their first choice, but for real money games in the palm of your hand or right at your fingertips, where and when you want them; there is no stopping the march in advances of technology and there is no stopping players who wish to play mobile games. Let’s face facts, a boring commute on the train into work will never be quite the same again – just think of the possibilities, and what a nice day at the office you will have if you win?

Cell Phone Gambling – Are We Impressed? Yes, We Are!

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Everyone is impressed by the concept of the cell phone and how it has evolved over such a short period of time. I don’t believe we have reached the stage where we are complacent about this technology, and I do believe the fact that this technology is easily accessible to both the rich and the poor, which makes something very special of it. Personally I hate cell phones and this is quite simply a sub-conscious thing, because I had a job where I was compelled to be joined by the hip to a cell phone 24/7. I hardly make phone calls and only keep a mobile to make my mother happy. I’m 51, but she still thinks I’m her child, what can I say? I would never contemplate cell phone gambling not even if someone paid me to do it – but then again, perhaps I would if I got paid ?

Cell phone games evolved with the technological advancement of handsets, while online gambling was moving in a parallel direction. It was only a matter of time till these parallel lines met and cell phone gambling became a reality. For those of you who believe that this form of gambling is a new thing; in 2005 the total revenue globally from cell phone gambling wagers was estimated at $2.6 billion. In 2008, this revenue was $5.8 billion according to Informa Telecoms and Media, so, it ‘aint nothing new my friends. We are now six years down the line from $2.6 billion. Want to hazard a guess how much cell phone gambling is worth today? No, neither do I!

If you are looking at the dollars revenue in the billions numbers from years back with cell phone gambling and the fact that this has double and tripled, don’t be all that impressed; online casino operators are not all that impressed with the uptake, and still believe that cell phone gambling is only taking off now. Take off to be what? Well… we can only let our imaginations be the guide.

People were initially impressed by the simple facts of the cell phone back in the day; the fact that it didn’t need cables and could be charged; lasting for quite a few hours. Today cell phone batteries last days and we want more and more features besides calling capabilities – hence mobile gambling, egg timers, blu-tooth, BBM, 3D and more.

The software for real money gambling games is simple to set up, the only bug-bear being with the Apple iPhone, where they covet their technology to the nth degree. Most good brand online casinos have the set up instructions available for free and they even give away free money for you to get stared, so, you have nothing to lose. Of course if you win, it may prove a little bit difficult to capture a photo of the winning screen with your mobile phone – but then again the only thing that these little electronic miracles can’t do is make and pour out your morning coffee.

Mobile Roulette – Apple iPhone Turns At The Tables

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By Jerry Whittaker

Roulette is a game recognized far and wide as being the definitive casino game, although if you traipse through the gambling tables of Macau, you will find more baccarat being played. Regardless of this modern-day Chinese trend; a casino is not considered to be a casino if it is sans a roulette wheel. At one time, when mobile gambling was first contemplated and the iPhone was the best smartphone you could get; there was no mobile roulette; Apple did not allow real money games to be played on their applications.

The vote is out and customers know best – they want real money gambling games and they want them mobile. The iStore is the place to get these games and while online casinos are compelled to wait up to six weeks to get apps approved; they are soon available in store, and more online casino companies are joining the Apple fray every day.

As is the case with all iPhone, iPad and i-whatever applications; to play it you need to own it and this means purchasing the software from the appropriate place. The other bugger about using an iPhone for mobile roulette is the fact that the applications are governed. This means they can only be played in the country of purposeful purchase. There are certainly no worms in any Apple business plans, and if an online casino offers you iapps for casino games; it is time to start asking questions. Even thought the casino develops these apps and platforms, I believe that they must always be purchased from the relevant iStore.

Perhaps things will change with time, as most other applications for mobile gambling are available from the originators site for free. This fact may also drive many gambling fans to choose Android operating systems over the Apple os.

So, it seems that playing mobile roulette on an iPhone or other Apple hardware will cost more money to get started than it does with other smartphones. If you love your Apple – you are probably happy to put up with this. On the other hand if you hate the auto-correct as so many people do – perhaps it is time to start looking at a new product for your next upgrade. I can’t imagine playing mobile roulette and being involved in chat when that Apple “autocorrect” kicks in and makes me look like a food (oops) fool?! Obviously their graphic quality is also the best, but this is also up for debate as more new smartphones hit the same market and hit it hard. Have you seen how many different manufacturers Apple is suing?

In my opinion, no mobile roulette software application should have to be paid for; we don’t pay to download the software to a PC. But again it’s a matter of choice – if you’re a roulette fan and you want to play on the move with your iPad, by all means pay for this software if it is what you want. As long as you enjoy the games and aren’t bothered by their limitations, the world of Apple is your oyster…well…almost.

Free Mobile Bingo – Climb on the Free Bingo Bandwagon And Get It on the Move!

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By Jerry Whittaker

One of the most popular free gambling games in the UK is without a doubt free bingo. This is a game in which anyone can play, the rules are incredibly simple and no-one needs a big bankroll. In fact anyone playing this game can play for free and build up a real money bankroll. This fact makes it easy to understand why the game enjoys such huge growth and popularity, and of course like all online gambling games, free mobile bingo has also become an earth-shattering news-maker.

Virtually every big brand bingo site now offers free mobile bingo. They will give new members a first deposit bonus at least – for becoming a new member of a site, and when they register to go mobile they get anything between £5 and £10 free in addition, for their first login. Big brand sites such as Mecca Bingo hand out a free fiver and have software apps available for Android, iPhone, iPad and so on. Even their 90 Ball bingo guaranteed jackpot games may be played by mobile phone, and it is not even necessary to have the latest smartphone to play. Of course, these are real money games, not necessarily all free mobile bingo!

Other big brand British sites which offer Mobile games include Paddy Power Bingo, Ladbrokes, William Hill, Bet 365, Virgin and various others; where software apps and games have been available for quite a while. All the best slots, including those with progressive jackpot prizes may also be played on your little telecommunications tool. Find Cleopatra, Rainbow Riches, Clover Rollover, Big Top Tombola and many more.

Games available simply depend on what software company is used by that product. For Example Virgin Games has the largest selection of games across all the different casino games designers and they get to cherry pick the best. It therefore stands to reason that using their mobile applications will stand the user in good stead for the best selection – even if their promotions aren’t so earth-shattering; their games definitely are, and members earn V*Points for playing..

Free mobile bingo looks set to become just as popularly available as it is played online, and one of the best bits about these games, is that bingo is so much more fun when you are not playing with your own money. Climbing on the mobile bingo bandwagon makes winners of players even when they don’t use money to play! Although, it has to be understood that some sites offer more and better free bingo games than others. Discovering which sites are the best is one of the joys of gambling online, but just bear one thing in mind – the real money player is always offered better free bingo games than just the free bingo players. The reason is clear – they are seriously rewarded for their loyalty in a highly competitive market.

Casino on Mobile – Remote Gambling Just Became Really Remote

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By Jerry Whittaker

Any online gambler who is remotely familiar with the method of playing casino games for real money online, won’t be in the least bit surprised to find that casino on mobile offerings have been around for a while. The only surprise is that industry experts have been predicting a global explosion of this method of play for a while and it hasn’t quite tipped the scales yet, but we are teetering on the verge.

Technology has advanced to meet the demand of high quality gaming in terms of the casino on mobile and it’s just a matter of time for players to get the full picture, and topple over the edge of that verge. Compatible handsets are obviously important and the strange thing about it all is, that handsets have actually been technologically capable for quite a while.

Take these few manufacturers for example: Sony Ericsson offers 47 different models of compatible handsets, for Nokia this is 93 different models. Motorola has 49, LG has 33, Panasonic has 4, Sagem has 7, Samsung has a whopping 83 models, Sendo (who?) has 2 different compatible models, Sharp has 6, Siemens – 13, and in total this is 337. But this is by no means all the different cell phone manufacturers and all casino on mobile compatible models. These are a small section just to give you an idea, and apparently there are more than one thousand makes and models on which these games may be played! Actually we pinched these examples from one online casino alone.

Games that can be played on mobile include; poker, roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat, backgammon, slots of all different kinds, keno, scratchcards, bingo, video poker and sports betting too. In fact currently there is more than one hundred different games we can play, and as well as the normal handsets we use; include special platforms and games for specific use with Android and iPhone apps, because it is the use of the smartphone that will really govern the boom.

The age has come where we can gamble remotely, no matter how remote we are, and the only thing which lies between us and a wager on Manchester United is a cell phone signal. There are not many places in the world today where a signal cannot be received; as people who can’t afford land-lines, easily manage the cost of a mobile phone. For instance a honey farmer in the Rapununi – British Guiana; probably won’t own a car, but he will own a mobile phone. Billions of people all over the world in all kinds of income groups have easy access to mobile telecommunications.

If you are a honey farmer in the Rapununi and you are interested in getting a casino on mobile or taking a sporting bet; this is as close as your nearest internet connection, which would be your cell phone of course.