Casino on Mobile – Remote Gambling Just Became Really Remote

Posted by Jerry Whittaker on June 25, 2011 under Cell Phone Casino, Cell Phone Gambling, Free Mobile Casino Games, Mobile Gambling Casinos, Mobile Online Gambling, Mobile Phone Casino | Comments are off for this article

By Jerry Whittaker

Any online gambler who is remotely familiar with the method of playing casino games for real money online, won’t be in the least bit surprised to find that casino on mobile offerings have been around for a while. The only surprise is that industry experts have been predicting a global explosion of this method of play for a while and it hasn’t quite tipped the scales yet, but we are teetering on the verge.

Technology has advanced to meet the demand of high quality gaming in terms of the casino on mobile and it’s just a matter of time for players to get the full picture, and topple over the edge of that verge. Compatible handsets are obviously important and the strange thing about it all is, that handsets have actually been technologically capable for quite a while.

Take these few manufacturers for example: Sony Ericsson offers 47 different models of compatible handsets, for Nokia this is 93 different models. Motorola has 49, LG has 33, Panasonic has 4, Sagem has 7, Samsung has a whopping 83 models, Sendo (who?) has 2 different compatible models, Sharp has 6, Siemens – 13, and in total this is 337. But this is by no means all the different cell phone manufacturers and all casino on mobile compatible models. These are a small section just to give you an idea, and apparently there are more than one thousand makes and models on which these games may be played! Actually we pinched these examples from one online casino alone.

Games that can be played on mobile include; poker, roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat, backgammon, slots of all different kinds, keno, scratchcards, bingo, video poker and sports betting too. In fact currently there is more than one hundred different games we can play, and as well as the normal handsets we use; include special platforms and games for specific use with Android and iPhone apps, because it is the use of the smartphone that will really govern the boom.

The age has come where we can gamble remotely, no matter how remote we are, and the only thing which lies between us and a wager on Manchester United is a cell phone signal. There are not many places in the world today where a signal cannot be received; as people who can’t afford land-lines, easily manage the cost of a mobile phone. For instance a honey farmer in the Rapununi – British Guiana; probably won’t own a car, but he will own a mobile phone. Billions of people all over the world in all kinds of income groups have easy access to mobile telecommunications.

If you are a honey farmer in the Rapununi and you are interested in getting a casino on mobile or taking a sporting bet; this is as close as your nearest internet connection, which would be your cell phone of course.