Cell Phone Gambling – Yes, Even Your Old-model Phone Can Play

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By Jerry Whittaker

The provision of real money, cell phone gambling into the palm of your hand – right at your fingertips, is available right now – today. Simply login to your favourite online casino and click on the mobile tab. There are games available across the board from roulette to slots and even scratchies; for iPhone, Android and normal WAP enabled cell phones. So, if your favourite online casino does not have ‘mobile’ tab, it is seriously time to join a new casino website.

At one time games needed to be individually loaded, but things are getting better by the day, and the subscriber may even opt to have a ‘bundle’ of games delivered. These are sent to the phone through an SMS link, from the website via a link, or by scanning in barcodes with use of sophisticated technology, such as that available on Apple iPhones. Even most of mid-range, basic cell phones today are WAP enabled, and therefore able to allow their owners to get into real money cell phone gambling.

Games and systems are fully interactive; offer integrated payment and other back office systems, such as account record keeping. Placing a wager is not only limited to casino games, online bingo is popular too, as are sports betting, betting exchanges, spread betting and wagers on global financial markets. Poker is also played for real money via cell phone gambling, but this is not an ideal way for poker pros to play. However, for the occasional poker punter, playing this way every now and then can also be great fun.

Just like the online casino; every type of cell phone gambling means the player is able to claim bonuses. Cell phone accounts are linked to one wallet at the online gambling site, and when first deposits are made, cash match bonuses are the norm. There may even be some mobile gambling sites which offer no deposit bonuses for the player to try one game at least before they buy. All other bonus scenarios, loyalty points and various promotions apply. Obviously because not all games that are available online are available on mobile, only certain promotions will apply to mobile gambling members; these offers are always made clear to the player.

Mobile casino games listings are made available at virtually every site, this is to enable the player to check if their handset name and model may be used to gamble. You might also be surprised to find that your WAP enabled Samsung, which is already three years old, actually supports various games. While more and more new applications are being made available virtually every day, mobile gambling has available online for a number of years; the only thing that has changed dramatically is iPhone and Android technology, as well as the uptake from consumers.

Mobile Phone Gambling – Bingo! There’s No Going Back Now

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By Jerry Whittaker

Operators of mobile phone gambling applications and software platforms are finding this form of gaming to be nothing short of phenomenally popular with fans. As more smartphones hit the market and the shift grows towards using these handsets, there is more uptake on gambling games and apps. Finall growth in this alternative channel for online gambling is starting to show serious uptake. Through slots and casino table games, sports betting, bingo, and more; mobile phone gambling now puts the power of the Internet, right in the palm of your hand.

In the UK there are a couple of preferred mobile phone gambling activities showing serious growth, one is mobile sports betting and the other is Britain’s favourite game…can you guess?…right it’s…Bingo! Yup bingo is the name of the game, and in a survey of one substantial affiliate member base alone (100 000+ members); this indicates that 47% of online bingo players own a mobile phone. 34% of the survey respondents also said they would be happy to play mobile bingo for real money, and 30% responded that they would play real money slots games too. We are looking at some pretty big numbers, and there is no going back now!

For some time now online bingo and other UK gambling concerns, have been making mobile phone gambling apps available, even though the uptake was initially much slower than was expected. The mobile scenario has done a double take, and backed by the fact that technology has advanced rapidly, and mobile social networking has instilled confidence in users, more and more bingo players are taking a leap of faith to put their money where their mouth is, on mobile. Android, iPhone and Web enabled mobile games are all readily available, and all games applications include fully integrated as well as encrypted payment systems. 65% of mobile bingo players make use of the Android OS, while only 16% make use of the iPhone and 19% are on Blackberry.

Mobile phone gambling games developers are taking advantage of this information as well as the fact that the tables have turned; and are taking a more serious look at mobile games developers. Mobile is no longer an afterthought it has become an ‘essential’. In fact Playtech recently purchased the Swedish mobile sportsbook developer – Mobenga, for a neat €23.8 million! They certainly had a need to fill this gap in their portfolio, and have recently signed a massive multi-year (and multi-million) deal with Gala Coral online. As part of the deal, Playtech gets Gala Bingo online as a client, as well as all other online operations, and they are also being charged with developing a brand new mobile sports betting facility for Gala.

Virtually daily in the online gambling news industry, we see mobile phone gambling apps being developed and launched. With the start of the new British football season for 2011 for example, quite a number of football-specific games and platforms have already been launched. In the meantime if you want to play mobile bingo, or any other gambling game in fact; there is more than enough choices to keep you busy.

Cell Phone Casino – Microgaming As Always IS Top of Their Game

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By Jerry Whittaker

All gambling industry analysts agree – the cell phone casino and mobile gambling growth is the next big wave of popularity to expect for this industry. m-Commerce is gearing up to present iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch applications as well as Android. Some sites offer Blackberry – not many at this point in time – and virtually all online casinos worth half a penny, offer tons of WAP enabled games; there are still millions of non-smart-phone users to cater for.

One of the first to step a foot in the door with any new online gambling development is Microgaming. These developers are always on top of their game, and one of the most aggressive in their rollout of new software systems and games. They have a history of being first off the mark, and again they have got the ball rolling for the cell phone casino with the GameWire™ software platform. This technology has already advanced to another level with Microgaming Quickfire™, which allows various software platforms to operate approximately 160 of their casino table games and slots.

To explain this system very simply; Quickfire is a type of software adapter, which when plugged into any platform allows for any of its games to be played. Just to go a little deeper into it, one cannot offer slots games off a dedicated poker platform normally;s with this software one can now offer these games and it works across every online gambling platform including mobile. By the same token, more and more gambling sites are taking up the product and it is becoming widely popular, but not all Microgaming sites have it on offer as yet. You will find it at Virgin Game – they are lightening fast with every gambling game offering known to man (just about), as well as a few other websites. The uptake hasn’t exactly been slow, but it is taking time for some casino clients to see the light.

The cell phone casino market is driven by the need of the consumer to consume all the latest handsets; who are we to argue. iPhones, Blackberry’s and Androids have become bigger and better status symbols for feeding the ego of ladies, than a pair of Jimmy Choo’s and matching Vivienne Westwood handbag would do. It is easy to pass off a Woollies handbag, if you can produce the latest iPhone from its depths – not unlike the proverbial rabbit from a magicians hat – be the envy of all your friends! m-Commerce apps and platforms work hand-in-hand with this consumerism aspect.

Being on Microgaming software also means that the biggest progressive jackpot prize games have been adapted for play with the cell phone casino evolution. These are games such as Mega Moolah, Mega Major, Mega Minor and Mega Mini, which means millions of €/£/$ worth of prize money is also up for grabs on mobile. You can’t take your PC with you when you go out with the girls for a drink, but you can take your mobile casino, and won’t the girls be impressed with your new iPhone handset too?

Mobile Phone Casinos – The New World in the Palm of Your Hand

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The world of the online casino has been available on mobile channels for a number of years. In fact, virtually since WAP enabled phone technology has been widely available. However, this form of online gambling entertainment has only caught the public eye so fervently in very recent times. This is not only due to the fact that technology has advanced to such an extent to make playing these games so accessible, it has taken time for consumers to confidently believe that the world of online gambling can be in the palm of their hands! Mobile phone casinos are widely available now, and users – thanks to social networking – are no longer afraid to make real money games a part of their mobile world.

We are not only talking about playing casino games in this context, users are dumping PC’s for tablets and smart phones at an alarming rate, and sky-rocketing their internet use into the stratosphere while on the move. It stands to reason that gambling games would become part of this deal.

In the UK for example, the most mobile gambling growth is being seen in sports betting. Operators are quickly catching on, and it is all systems go for Android and iPhone applications development – a lot of this is taking place right now. It makes sense that sport betting is popular, because both football and horse racing betting are two of the most popular wagering activities in this country. Now we can go to a football match or the pub, and place an in-play bet on the footie while watching it live in action. Perhaps this will distract football hooligans from getting themselves into trouble? Watching a match with a bet in place always makes the game much more exciting, although losing the bet may also cause problems with run-away tempers.

Besides sports betting activities, mobile phone casinos also offer a whole host of games. Roulette has always been hugely popular; this made the game one of the first choices to be offered on the mobile channel. Being a structure random number game, it was relatively simple to develop, and by the same token, slots soon became adapted for a mobile gaming platform. Blackjack is popular too, and now even mobile bingo has become very big mobile news.

When it comes to playing poker on mobile this is a whole different kettle of fish. This particular game is not played against the house, and with up to ten real money players seated around a table; presented a bit of a problem for software developers. At one point in time, half of the table could only been seen in play. Again technology has come to the fore and finally caught up with the fact that players want mobile poker. Software has improved and so has the size and resolution of screens. However, it is still highly unlikely that serious online poker professionals will ever make use of much in the way of mobile poker opportunities. More often than not these guys take part in multi-tabling and even use more than one big screen to facilitate their games. That having been said, virtually every other game is grist for the mobile gamblers mill.

Free Mobile Bingo – Climb on the Free Bingo Bandwagon And Get It on the Move!

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By Jerry Whittaker

One of the most popular free gambling games in the UK is without a doubt free bingo. This is a game in which anyone can play, the rules are incredibly simple and no-one needs a big bankroll. In fact anyone playing this game can play for free and build up a real money bankroll. This fact makes it easy to understand why the game enjoys such huge growth and popularity, and of course like all online gambling games, free mobile bingo has also become an earth-shattering news-maker.

Virtually every big brand bingo site now offers free mobile bingo. They will give new members a first deposit bonus at least – for becoming a new member of a site, and when they register to go mobile they get anything between £5 and £10 free in addition, for their first login. Big brand sites such as Mecca Bingo hand out a free fiver and have software apps available for Android, iPhone, iPad and so on. Even their 90 Ball bingo guaranteed jackpot games may be played by mobile phone, and it is not even necessary to have the latest smartphone to play. Of course, these are real money games, not necessarily all free mobile bingo!

Other big brand British sites which offer Mobile games include Paddy Power Bingo, Ladbrokes, William Hill, Bet 365, Virgin and various others; where software apps and games have been available for quite a while. All the best slots, including those with progressive jackpot prizes may also be played on your little telecommunications tool. Find Cleopatra, Rainbow Riches, Clover Rollover, Big Top Tombola and many more.

Games available simply depend on what software company is used by that product. For Example Virgin Games has the largest selection of games across all the different casino games designers and they get to cherry pick the best. It therefore stands to reason that using their mobile applications will stand the user in good stead for the best selection – even if their promotions aren’t so earth-shattering; their games definitely are, and members earn V*Points for playing..

Free mobile bingo looks set to become just as popularly available as it is played online, and one of the best bits about these games, is that bingo is so much more fun when you are not playing with your own money. Climbing on the mobile bingo bandwagon makes winners of players even when they don’t use money to play! Although, it has to be understood that some sites offer more and better free bingo games than others. Discovering which sites are the best is one of the joys of gambling online, but just bear one thing in mind – the real money player is always offered better free bingo games than just the free bingo players. The reason is clear – they are seriously rewarded for their loyalty in a highly competitive market.

Completely Borderless – Play Mobile Bingo For a Bingo Room in Your Bag!

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By Jerry Whittaker

Bingo is a beautiful game, whether you believe this or not. It is a lottery styled game and has come through centuries of change taking place all around us – with very little change. Bingo has the most uncanny ability to recreate itself in the creators eyes, because it is just such a darn simple game and everyone loves it; always have, always will; no matter the variation. It is a vitally simple game to both play and understand – can be played with relatively low wagers or free and has grown so much in popularity online that it seems stupid not to play. Online bingo sites today quite literally give away silly amounts of money and for completely borderless games; we can also play mobile bingo.

This is the latest trend in playing online bingo, and as more and more online bingo sites offer mobile bingo to members, what is to stop us playing even when we are on the move? While we don’t advocate playing while driving, it is nice to have something fun to do when on our way into the office for an hour’s commute, day and night, twice a day, every day; just make sure someone else drives. It changes the entire face of that travelling time and with tons of free mobile bingo, penny games and other budget bingo offers, entertainment on the move does not need to cost very much, and sites give away tons of free bingo bonuses too.

Playing bingo online is trendy and with the new mobile and smartphones also being the trendy gadgets they are – it makes even more sense that mobile bingo players have become trend-setters today. People born between 1965 and 1980 (X generation) are the most prevalent group of online bingo players and they are also the most prevalent group of people using smartphones. The younger generation (those born from 1981) are catching up fast and this also means that ongoing growth in mobile bingo playing is assured, as the next generations follow the same trends and play when they become the right age. These youngsters are already unable to live without their cell and smartphones, these are the ultimate accessory and to a major degree social networking is how this generation communicates.

Mobile bingo is totally borderless, it can played whenever, wherever you want, provided there is signal. It means games in the palm of your hand; a bingo room in your bag, and you can slot till you drop too! Games are enabled 24/7 and so that even the fan with unsociable working hours can join in the fun and games. Generational stereotypes have gone out of the window, and while the blue rinse brigade still plays this game at live bingo clubs; more players are migrating online. Even learning how to use laptops, PC’s and mobile phones in the process, so this game creates a situation where skills development takes place; and you can teach an old dog new tricks with patience!

The XYZ of Mobile Bingo

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Mobile bingo and mobile games in particular have shown a marked response with the online bingo audience, as they become more sophisticated and younger gamers and make sure they have the tools to indulge this entertaining pastime. Part of the reason why mobile bingo and in fact any form of mobile gaming, from poker through sports betting and casino games, is so popular, is because of the generational stereotypes of these players.

In the past the accepted generational stereotype of the bingo player, particularly in the UK, where this industry is extremely well established, was the older player. Touchingly, if somewhat insultingly referred to as the “Blue Rinse Brigade”. With the advent of online bingo, this has all changed and significantly younger audiences are indulging in games of bingo.

These younger audiences have even become younger and are also significant in that they cannot live without their mobile phone. It has become a more important accessory than a good haircut, pair of diamond earrings or a Tiffany bracelet! However, the generational stereotype is now changing even more; hence the move in popularity from online bingo to mobile bingo too.

A well respect online bingo portal which concentrates specifically on the UK and European facing market, recently undertook a survey of 80 000 members. According to the survey, if generation “Y” is those born between 1981 and 2001, and generation “X” were born 1965 to 1980, then 1946 – 1954 is Baby Boomers, Veterans and traditionalists are pre 1945, and people like me who were born in 1960, belong in the black hole of bingo, call us generation “Z”, apparently there is no place for those born 1955 – 1964.

The generation X group of players are currently the most prevalent online bingoers with 39% of players active, and generation Y is following close on their heels with 34% of active players. In generation X, they cannot live without their mobile, but in generation Y, these young people are attached to their mobile phones at the hip, and this is why mobile bingo is shooting up in the popularity stakes, and experts believe it will form the next massive growth phase of the bingo industry. Veterans/Traditionalists form a mere 3% of online players, and Baby Boomers who were supposedly the stereotypical bingo player represent 24%. The bingo black holers like me, represent 0% of players because all we can do is write about bingo and we haven’t got a clue how to play.

The significance of these percentages is vitally important in as much as, as many as half of generation Y, are not even old enough to play online bingo for a while, with a mean age of 25 years. So if you can imagine the possibilities when this generation has only a 5% lag behind generation X who are in the current majority of players. The implications for the success of mobile bingo become pretty mind boggling; and that in a nutshell, is the XYZ of this game.