Mobile Poker Games – The Profile of the Gamer is Changing

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By Jerry Whittaker

Bwin has recently made a very bold statement in terms of mobile poker games – they claim to have launched the first Apple iPhone – real money poker application. This followed shortly after the launch last November (2010), of their live betting application. Without a doubt, the profile of the online gambler is changing, and Bwin wants to be there to meet the demand when it happens.

While some operators have taken to the Android like a duck to water, Bwin is betting on Apple at this stage. Although we don’t doubt for a second that an Android driven platform to meet modern poker players’ needs is on their drawing boards! Android is believed to have cornered market share and it is also firmly believed it will continue to do so. The poker download is available in Apples stores in both the UK and Austria, with more countries expected to follow. Apple real money gambling applications are geo-locked which means they are per region; per regulation specific.

Head of product management RNG and mobile at Bwin – Berthold Kao said, it is thanks to this app that mobile poker games can now be played by iPhone users, on the largest global poker network. The application offers new possibilities in particular because of the superior interactive abilities of the iPhone interface and the fact that it is intuitive. I really don’t know about this intuitive deal? Because there appears to have been many a slip twixt text finger and tongue with Apple intuition! Have you seen I wonder? A slip like this in a high stakes mobile poker games, could prompt more than a mere “damnyouatocorrect!!” However the aim of Bwins game is to keep extending their lead in the mobile gambling sector, which they euphemistically call the “mobile entertainment sector”. Bwin also offers a casino application for iPhone which means they have their entire gambling sector covered.

What is also quite interesting about Bwin is the results of a recent research conducted in partnership with the “Division on Addictions”, Cambridge Health Alliance, which is a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School. I have often stressed that research these days is rarely unbiased and tends to be outcomes-based. So if a toothpaste company adds fluoride to its product, they fund research at a prominent medical school to prove that fluoride is best for teeth. By the same token a Bwin/Harvard partnership in responsible gaming measures may also bring about a perfect outcome. However these are responsible scientific people and Bwin has a responsibility to society also.

In essence the research decided that the “powerful seductive force” that is online gaming such as playing mobile poker games, is not such a seductive force after all. Researchers have empirically refuted this, and “empirical” means learning by observation. Apparently online gambling is no more addictive than the live versions of these games which is very good news!

Mobile Online Poker – Is There a Future For The US?

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By Jerry Whittaker

Mobile online poker, just as all other gambling games online in the US, falls under the same legislation that is currently in place. The good news, if there is any, is that the State of New Jersey has managed to change the online gambling laws for their own state. By the same token Full Tilt and PokerStars just as recently withdrew from Washington State because of a High Court ruling which decreed that playing online poker is illegal. As with all things, any effort is strengthened if it is a team effort, and every state in this game, is playing for their own team.

Mobile gaming is gaming without borders, however, if we take the case of New Jersey for example, what is the point of having access to mobile online poker, if players are only allowed to play within the confines of New Jersey, with only other players from this state?? Draconian regulations such as these don’t bode well for the precepts of online poker, let alone mobile online poker. The point of making gaming as mobile as possible is to play who you want, when you want, from where you want.

Regulation is fine, it works well for the UK and any other markets that allow online gambling activities, but draconian regulation at state and federal level is another matter entirely. With shipments of smart phones believed to reach 200 million in 2011 and double that in 2012. This regulatory stance hardly provides for any cross product marketing, let alone anything else.

For example imagine advertised on Pokerstars:

“get the latest HGC Smartphone – can you take on Isildur1? – Mobile online poker, play against top pros anytime, from anywhere in the world, your game will never be the same again!”

As apposed to a New Jersey smartphone ad:

“get the latest HGC Smartphone – can you take on your neighbor in no 10, or how about your bud in the next county? – Mobile online poker; play against anyone in New Jersey, from anywhere inside New Jersey – you never need to leave Atlantic City again!”

They don’t quite have the same broad appeal do they?

At a time when the dollar is floundering and the live gambling industry of the US is in disarray. They should be looking at new ways to market this highly volatile and aggressive product, not stymie and stunt growth. There is billions of dollars in this mainstream online industry for the US, but rather than allow this growth to take place, they choose to remain behind the rest of the world. Will online gambling create a society of reprobate gamblers – who knows? But two things are certain, this sector of industry is responsible for a great deal of growth in many economies – and people will always gamble, whether legally or illegally!

Mobile Poker Online – Smartphone Promises to Penetrate the Speculation Souk

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By Jerry Whittaker

Despite the fact that huge growth across mobile poker online platforms has been expected for a few years; very little penetration into this market had been made until very recent times. Mobile platforms have seen steady growth, but nothing spectacular so far, until the last few months of 2010; that’s when big operators saw activity which may be the straw to break the camels back in this speculation souk.

Until as late as September 2010, in reference to the UK mobile market, 2.2% of gamers used this platform in 2006, which increased to 2.7% in 2007. This type of growth has been seen year-on-year until the end of 2010 when the 10% mark was breached. Then as much as 10% of all betting volumes were being generated by smartphone and mobile phone; this increase has been attributed mostly to the more widespread use of the smartphone.

Mobile poker online is obviously not the only deal in these growth figures, and as the cards are on the table, we honestly have to admit that the majority of growth is attributed to sports betting online via mobile platform. Online gambling operators seem of the opinion that Android may also prove to be the biggest and best market, but this is also only speculation at this stage.

Microgaming is prepared for the rush on Android, and in partnership with Spin3™, have developed their own version of Android v2.2 Froyo for devices running Adobe Flash 10.1. Once again for Microgaming this product is considered to be an industry first. They are also showcasing a demonstration of their new mobile poker online product at this years’ ICE Totally Gaming conference; scheduled to be held in Earl’s Court between the 25th and 27th January 2011, if you fancy stopping by!

This is a real money poker online application which is compatible with Android v2.2 devices and will be available to operators this first quarter. It works with smartphones on the Android OS which includes the highly desirable HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy tablet. It might also be interesting to note at this juncture, that last year in the US, Android overtook Apple in terms of the “most in demand” of smartphone operating systems. What happens in the US generally dictates trends which are replicated in Europe.

While the potential for growth in mobile poker online has been speculated over for years; every year since day dot has disappointed developers and operators alike in terms of uptake across the mobile gaming board; but in particular for poker operators. According to Microgaming, the technology is ready and the software for poker in particular is about to change. Most importantly they believe the market is ready and this means the customer. You can have the best design, the most streamlined features and the simplest interface imaginable, but if the player is not ready for these games, then nothing is going to happen.

The Mobile Online Casino Mesmerizes Millions

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By Jerry Whittaker

Mobile has truly made its move, the numbers have been crunched and are looking good; while as little as two years ago, software developers where saying “five more years” for the public to latch on. The public has latched on and they are not about to let go. As far as the mobile online casino is concerned it is interesting to note that in Silicone valley there is a saying – “overestimate what will happen in two years and underestimate what will happen in five”. Nothing could be truer in the case of mobile egaming.

What was once believed may have done well in a niche market, now has operators sitting up and taking real notice. The mobile online casino is going mainstream and there are certain trends driving this “watershed” shift. It is also notable that the last six months has seen the lions’ share of progress and growth in popularity of mobile online gambling.

The strongest driving trend is social networking – we can’t leave out Facebook and Twitter; these innovations have contributed massively to iPhone, Android and normal handset users being comfortable operating mobile phones for uses other than telephony. More users access Facebooks apps from mobile handsets than they do on desktops or laptops which means even more kudos for the mobile online casino!

More importantly has been the growth and more ready availability of the smart-phone. It has been estimated that by 2012; shipment of smart-phones will overwhelm the shipment of PC’s globally. We are talking in terms of 200 million smart-phones shipped in 2011 and 400 million estimated for 2012! A good example if the use of these handsets for social networking purposes is Japan, when as far back as 2007, smart-phone use took over social networking functions from the desktop. These phones now account for 84% of all social networking on “Mixi” their most popular social networking app. Being online is better by far than using Java, and smart-phone technology is touch-screen and of an extremely high quality which makes it perfect for egaming.

The users experience is completely changed; it is simpler to obtain permission to launch gambling apps for mobile casino games. In fact if you are still under the impression that Apple does not allow gambling applications, you would be mistaken. As of last year this all changed and the only borders on gambling applications are “geo-locks”. This essentially restricts gamers to regulated territories, and applicants are compelled to wait for six weeks. For example Paddy Power iApple-ications only allow players from the UK and Ireland which also works far better for controls under regulations and legislation.

Previously the Android allowed mobile online casino apps, however new guidelines have dictated “no real gambling allowed!” Operators are compelled to submit an application for this. Nevertheless smart-phone orders are sky high, customers are confident in making payments with the available encryption technology and as Peter O’Donovan, head of gambling online at Paddy Power says “It’s arrived now!”

Casino Mobile Game – An Adroid Following From Industry Leader Microgaming

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By Jerry Whittaker

Microgaming could not have chosen a better name for their online casino products, however this is also a misnomer there is nothing “micro” about this gaming. As with other sectors of the industry they are also a leader in the provision of the casino mobile game and have recently announced the launch of Android v2.2 Froyo. This device runs Adobe Flash 10.1, if this means anything to you? What it actually means is their award winning games are now available using groundbreaking technology. They already offer an extensive range in the casino mobile game genre but in an effort to enhance the services already available have partnered with industry leading Spin3™ and come up with an even more innovative product.

Innovation is king in the online gambling industry; something this developer certainly has no shortage of and players are mad about mobile gambling. Gartner (Analyst house) have predicted that Android is going increase market share by 14% globally during 2012 and by 2014 become the most popular mobile operating system in the world by 2014, overtaking iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. So for a casino mobile game option, Android may well be the way to go. If Microgaming trusts what this market analyst has to say regarding Android, far be it for us to dispute that they know better. Android is already the OS behind some of the most popular pad-style handsets including HTC Desire, Google Nexus One, and the Motorola Milestone 2.

Android just happens to have more momentum and the interest surrounding v2.2 Froyo is massive. Both developers and consumers are certainly showing sufficient interest in Android for Microgaming to take the Froyo interface seriously. This interface is comparable to iPhone which has been the best quality graphically and on other levels actually. However there are some issues with this product, with regards to the casino mobile game; for example, long waiting periods for apps to be approved. Although at one time Apple did not allow real money gambling applications in any shape or form, so things are definitely changing, and with more market drive in this direction, perhaps this situation may improve.

This newly enhanced system has been taken up first by Betway Casino and they have launched play-for-fun and play-for-real casino mobile game content. Once again they have ensured a partnership which enables customers to enjoy a dynamic and of course, entertaining mobile gambling experience. It is gambling without borders, there is a massive indication towards a growing customer base and for any online casino operator, going mobile will prove to be a winning combination. Spin3 is a complete solution for Android devices and more pure native apps will be released in the very near future. Spin3 is a division of Spiral Solutions Ltd.

Free Mobile Poker Games

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By Jerry Whittaker

Free mobile poker games are just as easy to get your hands on as any other mobile gambling games and you can play mobile poker games free too. Just the same as any other mobile games can be had for free at an online casino! This includes games such as roulette, blackjack, craps, slots, scratchies, bingo – anything really, all of these games may be downloaded free to your WAP enabled phone and even to your iPhone, iPad or iTouch. Apple gambling applications are not however available at the iStore, they are available from the online casinos or poker rooms in which free mobile poker games are on offer.

Poker software development companies have obviously been looking to the mobile market for quite a long time; just the same as with all other gambling games for real prize money – software development companies want to get them out into mobile hands. In recent times with more mobile devices being purchased than ever before and many of these smart phones or hand held portable office/lifestyle equipment, so too has a hard push toward developing better and better games come about.

Slowly and surely more games are becoming available, and online poker rooms are also interested in getting their games out into the market-place. A sure fire way to get them out there is offer them free and make sure that clients get to play them free first. A client is going to be reluctant to try a game on their mobile phone if they are unable to try it for free first. It is difficult to conceptualize what a mobile poker game looks like and plays like, unless the client has tried it out first.

Inexorably all poker operators are bringing their sites up to scratch with the latest software and gaming platforms to offer mobile poker. These wireless devices are also of a technological standard to offer high-end entertainment options. It has only been quite recently that mobile poker has been able to be called high-end, whereas roulette, slots and other casino games have had better coverage. It is because poker is slightly more technical due to being a multi player option which encompasses other features too. There have also been issues such as coverage and poor network connections to deal with, but all of this looks like it is steadily being overcome.

Sustainable and reliable internet connections are excellent today and playing poker in free mode not only allows the player to test the gaming technology, but it also allows for practice. Game improvement is essential for winning poker, and it is for this reason that online poker rooms offer poker schools. Pick up your lesson and play wherever and whenever the opportunity arises on your phone handset. This is what true mobile poker should mean in an ideal world. There are different versions and levels of skill available and the moment you are ready to switch over to real money play – you can; it’s as simple as that.