Cell Phone Gambling – Are We Impressed? Yes, We Are!

Posted by Jerry Whittaker on July 25, 2011 under Cell Phone Casino, Cell Phone Gambling, Mobile Gambling, Mobile Gambling Casinos, Mobile Online Gambling, Mobile Phone Gambling | Comments are off for this article

By Jerry Whittaker

Everyone is impressed by the concept of the cell phone and how it has evolved over such a short period of time. I don’t believe we have reached the stage where we are complacent about this technology, and I do believe the fact that this technology is easily accessible to both the rich and the poor, which makes something very special of it. Personally I hate cell phones and this is quite simply a sub-conscious thing, because I had a job where I was compelled to be joined by the hip to a cell phone 24/7. I hardly make phone calls and only keep a mobile to make my mother happy. I’m 51, but she still thinks I’m her child, what can I say? I would never contemplate cell phone gambling not even if someone paid me to do it – but then again, perhaps I would if I got paid ?

Cell phone games evolved with the technological advancement of handsets, while online gambling was moving in a parallel direction. It was only a matter of time till these parallel lines met and cell phone gambling became a reality. For those of you who believe that this form of gambling is a new thing; in 2005 the total revenue globally from cell phone gambling wagers was estimated at $2.6 billion. In 2008, this revenue was $5.8 billion according to Informa Telecoms and Media, so, it ‘aint nothing new my friends. We are now six years down the line from $2.6 billion. Want to hazard a guess how much cell phone gambling is worth today? No, neither do I!

If you are looking at the dollars revenue in the billions numbers from years back with cell phone gambling and the fact that this has double and tripled, don’t be all that impressed; online casino operators are not all that impressed with the uptake, and still believe that cell phone gambling is only taking off now. Take off to be what? Well… we can only let our imaginations be the guide.

People were initially impressed by the simple facts of the cell phone back in the day; the fact that it didn’t need cables and could be charged; lasting for quite a few hours. Today cell phone batteries last days and we want more and more features besides calling capabilities – hence mobile gambling, egg timers, blu-tooth, BBM, 3D and more.

The software for real money gambling games is simple to set up, the only bug-bear being with the Apple iPhone, where they covet their technology to the nth degree. Most good brand online casinos have the set up instructions available for free and they even give away free money for you to get stared, so, you have nothing to lose. Of course if you win, it may prove a little bit difficult to capture a photo of the winning screen with your mobile phone – but then again the only thing that these little electronic miracles can’t do is make and pour out your morning coffee.