Free Mobile Poker Game – Will This Be The Only Poker Model, US Players Get?

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By Jerry Whittaker

The stars are aligned for the mobile poker game to take off like a bat out of hell. By the stars we mean the technology, software and players’, however, as far as US players are concerned, the closest they may get to playing on a smartphone is the free mobile poker game.

Take for example the present position of PokerStars – one of the, if not the largest online poker operators in the world. They have reiterated their position that there is nothing to stop them from operating in a regulated US marketplace. While this is all very well and good and they have made their stand for the future in US markets, this marketplace is currently not regulated. So in effect Poker Stars is not actually allowed to operate in the US in terms of real money. But wait this gets more complex, they are not allowed to deal in real money transactions, so as they provide mobile poker too, they are only allowed to provide a free mobile game. But, where is the money in that for them. There isn’t any really, other than potential goodwill somewhere clearly undefined, and possibly way in the future. One has to ask ones-self, “how much goodwill does PokerStars have?”

What reiterating their stance on principle, in respect of offering online or mobile poker to US players; truly has at heart, is the fact that some significant legislative accomplishments have been made. However in amendments to legislation recently adopted, there us a clause which prohibits any entity qualifying for a license to operate in the US, if they “knowingly” took part in illegal online gambling operations after the promulgation of the UIGEA in 2006. Now, both PokerStars and FullTilt are two of the very few poker sites which have continued operations in the US post-UIGEA – yet still maintains that their operations have and still are at all times legal. So they have “knowingly” continued operations.

It is all terribly convoluted, but needless to say PokerStars consider themselves to be a “respected” US operator. Now that mobile poker is expected to have a huge uptake due to the massive growth in popularity of the smartphone. Is one to assume that PokerStars will only be providing their US members with the free mobile poker game, and that no money at all is going to change hands? We actually find this very hard to believe. Of course this is only our opinion, but it is a carefully considered opinion. However you don’t have to live in the US to get a free mobile poker game, because this is all the law allows. Anyone can get their hands on free mobile poker and as this form of gaming looks set to continue to grow in popularity; free offers will also continue to grow more diverse.