Mobile Phone Gambling – What’s Hot and What’s Not

Posted by Jerry Whittaker on August 5, 2011 under Cell Phone Gambling, Mobile Gambling, Mobile Gambling Casinos, Mobile Online Gambling, Mobile Phone Casino, Mobile Phone Gambling | Comments are off for this article

By Jerry Whittaker

There are very few things about mobile phone gambling that are not “hot” at this moment in time; although the uptake on mobile gambling has been slower than some operators initially thought it would be. For example online bingo, poker and casinos – people are playing these games on mobiles and smartphones, but sports-betting is the current biggest growth sector and this is what’s really hot in terms of mobile phone gambling. Trust has been a big problem in terms of uptake in the past (mobile gambling has been around for years), although this mind-set is changing in the face of growing social networking trends.

Online bingo is being played on mobile phones and although this game is considered to be soft gambling; it is still mobile phone gambling. Most of the popular online bingo sites offer mobile as well as iPhone and Android applications for bingo games as well as slots, scratch cards and whatever else they have going. While bingo itself was not simple to get going on mobile applications, slots definitely got the games going; now even progressive jackpot and big guaranteed prizes may be won with bingo mobile phone gambling.

Casino games have also been relatively successful in the transfer over to a preference for gambling on the move; however poker is one area of the industry where not a great deal of uptake is seen. It has to be understood that no matter the quality of the technology for online mobile poker, it is the nature of this particular game which makes it not so appealing on mobile. The really good online poker players even make use of oversized screens. This is because traditionally they play multiple tables the majority of the time. Some really good online gamblers in poker, play 12, 24 or even more tables simultaneously! As one might imagine, it would be difficult to see what’s happening with all of these tables even when using the most advanced smartphones.

So, while online bingo is relatively hot, mobile casino games are warm to middling and poker is not hot on mobile; the nature of sports betting makes this the hottest of all mobile phone gambling activities. Things may change, they may not, but it has been predicted that mobile phone gambling will be the next big wave of success for online gambling operations. It is believe to be the way that many fans will play in the future. It might not be their first choice, but for real money games in the palm of your hand or right at your fingertips, where and when you want them; there is no stopping the march in advances of technology and there is no stopping players who wish to play mobile games. Let’s face facts, a boring commute on the train into work will never be quite the same again – just think of the possibilities, and what a nice day at the office you will have if you win?