Mobile Roulette – Apple iPhone Turns At The Tables

Posted by Jerry Whittaker on July 15, 2011 under Free Mobile Casino Games, Mobile Gambling, Mobile Gambling Casinos, Mobile Online Gambling, Mobile Phone Casino, Mobile Phone Gambling, Mobile Roulette | Comments are off for this article

By Jerry Whittaker

Roulette is a game recognized far and wide as being the definitive casino game, although if you traipse through the gambling tables of Macau, you will find more baccarat being played. Regardless of this modern-day Chinese trend; a casino is not considered to be a casino if it is sans a roulette wheel. At one time, when mobile gambling was first contemplated and the iPhone was the best smartphone you could get; there was no mobile roulette; Apple did not allow real money games to be played on their applications.

The vote is out and customers know best – they want real money gambling games and they want them mobile. The iStore is the place to get these games and while online casinos are compelled to wait up to six weeks to get apps approved; they are soon available in store, and more online casino companies are joining the Apple fray every day.

As is the case with all iPhone, iPad and i-whatever applications; to play it you need to own it and this means purchasing the software from the appropriate place. The other bugger about using an iPhone for mobile roulette is the fact that the applications are governed. This means they can only be played in the country of purposeful purchase. There are certainly no worms in any Apple business plans, and if an online casino offers you iapps for casino games; it is time to start asking questions. Even thought the casino develops these apps and platforms, I believe that they must always be purchased from the relevant iStore.

Perhaps things will change with time, as most other applications for mobile gambling are available from the originators site for free. This fact may also drive many gambling fans to choose Android operating systems over the Apple os.

So, it seems that playing mobile roulette on an iPhone or other Apple hardware will cost more money to get started than it does with other smartphones. If you love your Apple – you are probably happy to put up with this. On the other hand if you hate the auto-correct as so many people do – perhaps it is time to start looking at a new product for your next upgrade. I can’t imagine playing mobile roulette and being involved in chat when that Apple “autocorrect” kicks in and makes me look like a food (oops) fool?! Obviously their graphic quality is also the best, but this is also up for debate as more new smartphones hit the same market and hit it hard. Have you seen how many different manufacturers Apple is suing?

In my opinion, no mobile roulette software application should have to be paid for; we don’t pay to download the software to a PC. But again it’s a matter of choice – if you’re a roulette fan and you want to play on the move with your iPad, by all means pay for this software if it is what you want. As long as you enjoy the games and aren’t bothered by their limitations, the world of Apple is your oyster…well…almost.