Mobile Video Poker – Want Advice From “Kid Poker” Negreanu?

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By Jerry Whittaker

Mobile Video poker has transitioned well into the mobile gambling space, it is one of those kinds of games that is suitable for playing any time, any place and even on the run. Unlike poker itself where perhaps a little more intense concentration is required on what your opponents are doing. It is also possible now for fans of this game to play on their Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The most basic version of mobile video poker is Jacks or Better (as a starting hand) and this game may differ slightly to the game that we play online, on our PC or laptop. There may be an additional gamble feature or some other tweaks to the rules, but essentially the basic rules stay the same and winnings increase when higher ranking cards and poker hand sets are made, according to the correct strategy.

In many instances, players enjoy mobile video poker because it allows them to practice their poker game without the added confrontation of playing against an opponent. Ultimately the aim of playing the video poker might be to one day play real poker against real live opponents as apposed to the bank. Learn how to play poker online and now you can even obtain clips of how to play poker with an I-play solution and advice from Daniel “Kid Poker” Negreanu.

Learn how to be a pro, practice mobile video poker and mobile poker and get video mobile poker lesson right on your mobile phone. Not only is Kid Poker the face of PokerStars he is also the face of the newest I-play product, with footage which was shot from the Venetian Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas. The product features over 100 clips of Hold ’em tips and strategies, tells, bluff and how best to approach No-limit tournament play. They are calling this initiative – “the most innovative and compelling streaming video poker application and poker mobile game available in the mobile space,” and the ultimate Hold’em product available in this market today.

These bite-sized bits of poker wisdom from this popular pro will also be remade into a mobile poker game due to be delivered later this year – also featuring Negreanu; remade as a virtual poker tutor which offers in-depth analysis of the popular electronic format of the game. The company is building on the success of tournament poker and lets fact facts, even when we play video poker, we dream of winning in live poker tournaments. Bearing all this in mind and the fact that Nielsen Research shows poker popularity has increased 370% in the past year; it is a nice thought or dream to be possibly seated; playing next to Daniel :Kid Poker” Negreanu in a live WSOP or WPT tournament one day, and we all have to start somewhere.