Mobile Video Poker – Want to Make a Smart Bet?

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By Jerry Whittaker

Playing mobile video poker, just like playing video poker online, can be a very smart bet to make, if you want to take a bet on the move. It is a simple game to play, and a very nice way to spend a happy half hour gambling when waiting for your dentist, doctor, or travelling in to work on the bus or train. Everyone loves this game, and it can also be quite a winner!

What video poker boils down to in its most basic form; is a one-player odds based game dealt by a mobile deck of card. Sort of a hybrid of poker and the slots, which is played against the house, and not against other players! Mobile casino games such as slots, roulette and blackjack are being more popularly played every day, and it soon made good sense to add video poker to the repertoire. It plays mostly in the form of five-card draw poker, usually in a Jacks or Better format, but often also featuring Deuces, Aces, Jokers or other cards as wild cards.

The player chooses the format of game, depending how spicy they want it – places a bet and is dealt five cards. From these cards they are given one round in which to trade some cards in and hold others; then it is time to cross fingers and hope Lady Luck is on their side for the next deal. There is a very elementary, but definite strategy in which to play every version of video poker to achieve optimum payout. Winners receive a payout of multiples of their bet according to the pay-tables, and dependent upon what poker hand – if any – they have managed to achieve. If they hit the money-zone, winnings can be rather substantial, if they have at least a pair of Jacks, they receive their money back, and if they get absolutely no hand at all; players lose their money.

Just like online video poker, mobile video poker is a mesmerizing game to a vast amount of casino games lovers; it’s a real crowd-pleaser, because of the basic skill and strategy required for a winning outcome. At the same time; as we said, it is also a simple game to play and it is in this factor that it’s popularity lies. Similarly when we play blackjack and make use of strategy cards to help us to learn the best basic strategy moves, some version of mobile video poker, also allow us to play with a ‘hint’ mode on, so we can learn to play in the correct way. You won’t find this featured in live casinos, but there are various products online and mobile that will advise you to switch your play, and quite honestly we can’t think of a fairer or better way to learn to play a new online casino game. It really is a smart bet!