Mobile Video Poker – Want Advice From “Kid Poker” Negreanu?

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By Jerry Whittaker

Mobile Video poker has transitioned well into the mobile gambling space, it is one of those kinds of games that is suitable for playing any time, any place and even on the run. Unlike poker itself where perhaps a little more intense concentration is required on what your opponents are doing. It is also possible now for fans of this game to play on their Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The most basic version of mobile video poker is Jacks or Better (as a starting hand) and this game may differ slightly to the game that we play online, on our PC or laptop. There may be an additional gamble feature or some other tweaks to the rules, but essentially the basic rules stay the same and winnings increase when higher ranking cards and poker hand sets are made, according to the correct strategy.

In many instances, players enjoy mobile video poker because it allows them to practice their poker game without the added confrontation of playing against an opponent. Ultimately the aim of playing the video poker might be to one day play real poker against real live opponents as apposed to the bank. Learn how to play poker online and now you can even obtain clips of how to play poker with an I-play solution and advice from Daniel “Kid Poker” Negreanu.

Learn how to be a pro, practice mobile video poker and mobile poker and get video mobile poker lesson right on your mobile phone. Not only is Kid Poker the face of PokerStars he is also the face of the newest I-play product, with footage which was shot from the Venetian Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas. The product features over 100 clips of Hold ’em tips and strategies, tells, bluff and how best to approach No-limit tournament play. They are calling this initiative – “the most innovative and compelling streaming video poker application and poker mobile game available in the mobile space,” and the ultimate Hold’em product available in this market today.

These bite-sized bits of poker wisdom from this popular pro will also be remade into a mobile poker game due to be delivered later this year – also featuring Negreanu; remade as a virtual poker tutor which offers in-depth analysis of the popular electronic format of the game. The company is building on the success of tournament poker and lets fact facts, even when we play video poker, we dream of winning in live poker tournaments. Bearing all this in mind and the fact that Nielsen Research shows poker popularity has increased 370% in the past year; it is a nice thought or dream to be possibly seated; playing next to Daniel :Kid Poker” Negreanu in a live WSOP or WPT tournament one day, and we all have to start somewhere.

Mobile Phone Casinos – A Match Made in Heaven for the Younger Generation

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By Jerry Whittaker

My old mum is 73 years old and she can’t be without her mobile phone – in fact she is so dependent on it, she hangs it on a cord around her neck; just so she doesn’t misplace it. But she cannot send a text message and doesn’t want to know how. She can read text messages, but cannot delete them, and the only thing she wants the phone for is to receive and make calls. She can just about manage the buttons for that. She is definitely not the target market for mobile phone casinos. If she wants to play casino games, she wants to go to the casino, and the closest she gets to the computer is when my brother Skypes her from New Zealand; she won’t even play bingo online, but then she has never played bingo!

Mobile phone casinos are for the new generation of player and this is without a doubt a match made in heaven for them. They are all but joined by the hip to their mobile phones and the trendiest accessory they could possibly own is a brand new Blackberry or other smartphone. Although most of the kids I know like the Blackberry the best; because BBM is a dirt cheap lifeline to their world on the move.

No-body ever imagined that when the “brick” cell phone took the world by storm in the 1990’s, that technology would change so much over such a short period of time. Kids looking for cheap ways to communicate must have sent brazillions of text messages by now, and frittered away millions of hours of time exercising their thumbs – have you seen how fast they can TXT? Then came snake, and this was the first game they could ever play on a mobile phone. Since then, life as we know it has and never will been the same again. It was only a matter of time until real money gambling games became available on the mobile phone – these are mobile phone casinos; a marriage of mobile technology and gambling. In other words; heaven for the younger generation!

Are we surprised by this evolution? I doubt it! Nothing surprises us much any longer, but remember how surprised we were back then by cyber-sex?

When the catch phrase adopted for Las Vegas became “Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, unfortunately this actually didn’t happened, although the US is really iffy about online gambling and the birthplace of online gambling has kind of been left behind (but not completely) because of the tenets of UIGEA. The rest of the world has moved on and now that people can’t live without mobile communications; playing on mobile phone casinos has also become all the rage.

Completely Borderless – Play Mobile Bingo For a Bingo Room in Your Bag!

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By Jerry Whittaker

Bingo is a beautiful game, whether you believe this or not. It is a lottery styled game and has come through centuries of change taking place all around us – with very little change. Bingo has the most uncanny ability to recreate itself in the creators eyes, because it is just such a darn simple game and everyone loves it; always have, always will; no matter the variation. It is a vitally simple game to both play and understand – can be played with relatively low wagers or free and has grown so much in popularity online that it seems stupid not to play. Online bingo sites today quite literally give away silly amounts of money and for completely borderless games; we can also play mobile bingo.

This is the latest trend in playing online bingo, and as more and more online bingo sites offer mobile bingo to members, what is to stop us playing even when we are on the move? While we don’t advocate playing while driving, it is nice to have something fun to do when on our way into the office for an hour’s commute, day and night, twice a day, every day; just make sure someone else drives. It changes the entire face of that travelling time and with tons of free mobile bingo, penny games and other budget bingo offers, entertainment on the move does not need to cost very much, and sites give away tons of free bingo bonuses too.

Playing bingo online is trendy and with the new mobile and smartphones also being the trendy gadgets they are – it makes even more sense that mobile bingo players have become trend-setters today. People born between 1965 and 1980 (X generation) are the most prevalent group of online bingo players and they are also the most prevalent group of people using smartphones. The younger generation (those born from 1981) are catching up fast and this also means that ongoing growth in mobile bingo playing is assured, as the next generations follow the same trends and play when they become the right age. These youngsters are already unable to live without their cell and smartphones, these are the ultimate accessory and to a major degree social networking is how this generation communicates.

Mobile bingo is totally borderless, it can played whenever, wherever you want, provided there is signal. It means games in the palm of your hand; a bingo room in your bag, and you can slot till you drop too! Games are enabled 24/7 and so that even the fan with unsociable working hours can join in the fun and games. Generational stereotypes have gone out of the window, and while the blue rinse brigade still plays this game at live bingo clubs; more players are migrating online. Even learning how to use laptops, PC’s and mobile phones in the process, so this game creates a situation where skills development takes place; and you can teach an old dog new tricks with patience!

The Mobile Phone Casino – It’s About Brand Faith Backed-up By Social Networking

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By Jerry Whittaker

While the mobile phone casino has been slower on the uptake by punters than was originally believed it would be. The combination of the social networking phenomenon, together with brand faith, has seen the mobile phone gambling industry growing in popularity; if somewhat more in certain sectors than in others. All big brand British names offer the mobile phone casino – presented particularly with the most popular games, and software applications are available for the Android, iPhone, iPad and even normal mobile phones. Find these apps for download from either the iApps Store or the online casinos themselves.

Brands such as Paddy Power, Bet 365, Mecca (Rank), Gala (Coral), Betfair, William Hill, Ladbrokes, Party.Bwin, Virgin and others are engaged in an ongoing price and technology war, which benefits players hugely. Software development companies are also obviously involved in the “mobile” game, and new to Microgaming we find Quickfire which allows for a large range of casino games to be played across various gambling game software platforms. Improvements during the last year alone have seen mobile phone casino users able to download games in a bundle, as apposed to one at a time.

Millions of punters are mesmerized by the idea of the mobile phone casino, even if they are a little slow on the uptake, the concept titillates. As more people place real money bets on these games, the more the idea will catch on. We can only watch, wait and see what the outcome will be; but we can pretty much guarantee that whatever the outcome is – it will be big. Cell phone e-gambling is expected to make a watershed shift into the mainstream; this shift has already started. The fact that smartphone uptake is believed to be about to eclipse the production, output and delivery of PC’s, will be one of the decisive factors which governs the shift for use of the mobile phone casino.

It has also been estimated that Android production will be double to that of the iPhone and this too will make a difference to the mobile phone casino uptake. The casino in the palm of your hand is not expected to remain a niche sector of the online gambling industry for very much longer. The majority of social networking is now done by mobile phone, which instills trust regarding the delivery of real money gambling games too.

Even normal mobile hand-set users are able to play these games – downloaded from casino sites; but for iPhone and Android use – special platforms for these games are required. The big brand names have got both iPhone and Android products in place, and although at one time it was difficult to get iPhone applications for real money casino games; Apple are bowing to popular pressure and there are now plenty of different apps available for very high quality games.

Mobile Gambling – Stimulate Interest in Sports With Sports Betting

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By Jerry Whittaker

There is more than one very valid reason why sports betting stimulates interest in sports. Firstly it stimulates the interest of the punter who is testing their skill and knowledge of the game, which makes the game for exciting for them, and secondly, a lot of sports betting money goes into the development of those sports. The mobile gambling arena sees its biggest growth sector in sports betting today. The availability and popularity of using smartphones is subsequently stimulating this interest also.

Social networking has become almost exclusively the domain of smartphone users and this use in turn has removed any hesitation the sport bettor may have had to use the smartphone as their mobile gambling tool of choice.

The basic definition of sports betting is placing a wager on an individual, team or other sporting event, and any sporting activity is grist for the sports bettors mill. Football is obviously the most widely watched spectator sport in the world and this makes it a dream of a sport for mobile gambling activities. There are a plethora of different wagers available at any time of the day or night at virtually any place in the world, and from many different sports betting sites.

It is no longer considered to be unusual to find a Mongol Chieftain, sitting astride his horse, with the backdrop of the Gobi Dessert setting the scene – using his iPhone to place an in-play bet on Manchester United vs. Everton; thereafter watching the match in live streaming, while he scans the horizon for rival tribal marauders who have recently been caught stealing his horses. This is the type of possibility that mobile gambling provides.

Sports betting is an internationally recognised activity which garners great respect – especially in Europe; but is popular all over the world. Basically the bettor is putting money on their knowledge and skill of understanding the game and how an outcome arises. The power of prediction enhanced by knowledge!

In the past this sphere of gambling activity has been strictly controlled by governments who also control the development of sports in youngsters to a degree. The times are changing however and sports betting is deregulating along with other gambling activities – in particular with reference to online and mobile gambling.

Wagers may be placed on whether a team will win, lose or draw, as well as individual actions. They may also be placed on propositional situations and this form of betting is both popular and fun. Prop bets are hugely popular in the UK, but not so popular in the US. The US tends to take itself a little too seriously when it comes to gambling online and gambling as a whole in fact.

What’s the bet that a ton of proposition bets are taking place right now in the UK, with regard to the Royal Wedding? Because at the time of writing there is only 12 hours to go until this pomp and ceremony takes place. I’ll wager the biggest money has been placed on the dress.

Mobile Poker Free – The Only Thing you Want Free is the Software You are Playing On!

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By Jerry Whittaker

Who would possibly want to play mobile poker free, unless perhaps you were a newbie and you were learning the game for the first time? There are sufficient resources online to learn how to play poker free. The only mobile poker free that you want is the software these games come on; honestly, I don’t see why anyone should have to pay for an app in the iStore so you can play poker on a mobile phone. When you play poker online, the software download is free, just as it should be when playing mobile poker games.

Just think about the game of poker itself, this is not a casino game. Traditionally a casino game is one which is played against the house, and while there are forms of poker which play in this way such as Pai Gow and Caribbean Stud, these are not considered to be true poker games. The measure of success in this game of skill is how much money you can win, so why anyone would want to play mobile poker free other than to learn; is completely beyond me.

Just like all other online poker, the mobile form of this game has reached the pinnacle of technological advancement; for handsets this is the same. It is fuss-free, fast access and there is only one more thing required to cross the threshold into popular play; this happens to be the players. Mobile gaming has been growing in popularity in very small incremental degrees, but experts believe we have reached that point of no return, when all the chips are down and the felt is arrayed for all three protagonists to come together and set mobile gaming on fire. Poker was the leader for online gambling growth, it is one of the most popular live games in the world, so, there is nothing stopping it now from becoming the undisputed leader of mobile gambling, although sports betting does have a head start in the popularity stakes.

Mobile poker free or otherwise gets the job done and plays in exactly the same way as it would when playing on PC or laptop. There is whole new series of exciting things to look out for, such as the new Android mobile poker application that is being launched by Microgaming at ICE in London while we speak. Because poker is a multiplayer game it is of a better quality when played on more sophisticated technology and applications. Just remember that poker is not the kind of game that should be played free, it is simply not in the spirit of the game, but if you really want to find ways to do this, you will find one or two other players that will be prepared to play with you too. However, it is doubtful that amongst them you will find a Daniel Negreanu.

The Mobile Poker Game – Looking to Make a Quick Chip or Two on the Bus Home from Work?

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By Jerry Whittaker

A very wise man once said “The guy who invented poker was bright, but the guy who invented the chip was a genius!” Unfortunately the author of this brief piece of wisdom was unknown, so, we cannot pick his brain any further; although we would love to know what they think about the new mobile poker game genre; and how the “chip” fits in, in a heck of a lot more ways than one. In the old days poker at home was 6 friends a pack of cards a bag of chips, a dip, a six pack, half a dozen ceegars and green plastic shades!

Because of the continued success of live poker tournaments such as the WSOP as one example; which are regularly glamorized on the TV, and of course the popularity of online poker. It was only a matter of time before the mobile poker game became a viable game. So, if you fancy a game of poker and you want to make a quick chip or two on the bus or train home from work, now you can, and you can play these games on virtually any WAP enabled phone. But who wants WAP when they can have the latest Android, Blackberry or Apple operating systems on a smart phone. In fact the question on everyone’s lips these days has become, “who do you know who doesn’t own a smartphone?” Let’s sell them one quick!

Already a favorite pastime whether live or on the internet, poker has become mobile but this technology did not develop overnight, nor has the uptake by users been as much of a bun fight as was expected. It is a little bit nerve-wrecking to think you are gambling with real money against other players who are gambling with real money, and you are doing this with your new Blackberry Torch.

One of the most compelling factors that has changed the way mobile gamblers feel about playing games such as poker, is that most online social networking; you know, the Facebook and Twitter type; now take place by mobile phone, and this has instilled greater confidence in gamblers, online shoppers, and all kinds of people seeking all kinds of services, to use their handheld mobile phone device as apposed to PC’s and laptops.

Gosh just thinking of that; I don’t know if any of you are old enough to remember the Star Trek TV series – not the movies. They had these mobile communicators, we used to think they looked stupid when they spoke into them, and we have been speaking into virtually the same things for years. Not only that, our communicators now hold our mobile poker game, even bingo, blackjack, roulette; you name it! At least the trekkies used to play real poke – I mean, I think Scottie and McCoy did or would have done!

Free Mobile Poker Game – Will This Be The Only Poker Model, US Players Get?

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By Jerry Whittaker

The stars are aligned for the mobile poker game to take off like a bat out of hell. By the stars we mean the technology, software and players’, however, as far as US players are concerned, the closest they may get to playing on a smartphone is the free mobile poker game.

Take for example the present position of PokerStars – one of the, if not the largest online poker operators in the world. They have reiterated their position that there is nothing to stop them from operating in a regulated US marketplace. While this is all very well and good and they have made their stand for the future in US markets, this marketplace is currently not regulated. So in effect Poker Stars is not actually allowed to operate in the US in terms of real money. But wait this gets more complex, they are not allowed to deal in real money transactions, so as they provide mobile poker too, they are only allowed to provide a free mobile game. But, where is the money in that for them. There isn’t any really, other than potential goodwill somewhere clearly undefined, and possibly way in the future. One has to ask ones-self, “how much goodwill does PokerStars have?”

What reiterating their stance on principle, in respect of offering online or mobile poker to US players; truly has at heart, is the fact that some significant legislative accomplishments have been made. However in amendments to legislation recently adopted, there us a clause which prohibits any entity qualifying for a license to operate in the US, if they “knowingly” took part in illegal online gambling operations after the promulgation of the UIGEA in 2006. Now, both PokerStars and FullTilt are two of the very few poker sites which have continued operations in the US post-UIGEA – yet still maintains that their operations have and still are at all times legal. So they have “knowingly” continued operations.

It is all terribly convoluted, but needless to say PokerStars consider themselves to be a “respected” US operator. Now that mobile poker is expected to have a huge uptake due to the massive growth in popularity of the smartphone. Is one to assume that PokerStars will only be providing their US members with the free mobile poker game, and that no money at all is going to change hands? We actually find this very hard to believe. Of course this is only our opinion, but it is a carefully considered opinion. However you don’t have to live in the US to get a free mobile poker game, because this is all the law allows. Anyone can get their hands on free mobile poker and as this form of gaming looks set to continue to grow in popularity; free offers will also continue to grow more diverse.

Free Mobile Casino – It Depends on Which Angel, Sorry Angle You Take

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By Jerry Whittaker

Is there such a thing as a free mobile casino, well…it depends on the tack you take. Rather look at it from this point of view – players may play free mobile casino games when they register at a casino online and sign up for this service. Just as casino games may be played free online, there are ways to play them free on mobile handsets, and currently as this is a very new technology, players have been a little slower on the uptake. New members at mobile casinos are offered a small amount of free casino credits which are made available on their first login.

One would assume, and this I am sure of, that your mobile and your online casino funds are kept in one account, with two separate sections. It stands to reason then that redeposit bonuses are available to fund even more free mobile casino games play. Then again there is also demo mode, and if a casino online allows the player to enjoy games in demo mode, they may enjoy playing these games even more in demo mode on for example the latest Apple iPhone off the assembly line. According to a new report out from Bwin and Harvard University not all online games players are in actual fact die-hard gamblers. Playing these games for free allows access to the same games as all mobile gamblers enjoy and the nice thing about playing in demo mode, is when the uncontrollable urge comes about to take a flutter, players simply switch to their real play account.
While we are discussing research and the free mobile casino – mobile gambling continues to grow in popularity now – it may have been slow on the uptake, but is going like a Boeing now. In new data released by the Gambling Commission in the UK, Middle aged men make up the majority of their gambling public (46%), they are from high-earning, well-educated households, and it is these players in the UK who look set to lead the future of mobile gambling globally. Currently UK gamers make up 30% of total wagers placed, but this may change and decrease to fall in line with global trends as anticipated online gambling deregulation takes place around the world.

If you are a British middle aged male and you play free mobile casino games, but are too afraid to take a flutter in case of getting inexplicably addicted, perhaps this research will give you heart. It has been found by the Harvard study; that the majority of online gamblers moderate behavior patterns according to wins and losses. This means only 5% of subjects in the study exhibited irrational betting behavior. All you have to do is hope that you don’t fall within that 5 percentile.

Mobile Fun Casino – The Techno Wave Has Begun, Watch Out for the Tsunami

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By Jerry Whittaker

The techno wave has finally started to swell according to industry experts, and although people have been surfing the net for a few years by mobile phone, recent trends are responsible for the popularity in playing with a mobile fun casino. Users are more confident about egaming due to extensive social networking and this bodes well for the growth in mobile egaming. Admittedly this wave of growth was believed to be ready to take place a while back, but not every piece of the puzzle was quite yet in place.

Every puzzle piece now fits and the environment is perfect for the expanse of users who are going to be hitting the mobile fun casino. That commute to the office and wait in line for Wimbledon tickets will never be the same again! Paddy Power Head of Online Gaming – Peter O’Donovan, who were one of the first online operators to offer a WAP enabled Java sportsbook, have been waiting for this to happen, and he says “it has arrived” Get ready for the wave, because it is going to be a big one!

Most operators are in agreement with this sentiment and even though they have had systems ticking over for some time with very little growth; they have continued to have faith that the mobile fun casino is going to be the next big growth phase. Growth in the UK is already being driven by mobile sportsbook betting and Don Foch of Betfair agrees.

The question on everyone’s lips is “how high can this wave go?” We are thinking this techno wave is going to be “Tsunami” sized; chiefly because the use of smartphones has been positively predicted to escalate exponentially due to demand.

Shipments of smartphones are estimated at 200 million for 2011 and twice this amount at 400 million for 2012. This means more smartphones will be shipped out world wide, than PC’s will be shipped. Foch recons if this prediction comes true they will be seeing half of all their online gambling business take place on non-computer devices. Peter O’Donovan agrees, and now also believes the important thing is that operators are tooled up to respond to demand!

The mobile fun casino market is bullish and it is also exceptionally trend driven, so when extrapolating trends, both William Hill and Ladbrokes have said their two pence worth too. Anticipating it is conceivable that 40% – 50% of their business will go over to mobile egaming within ten years!

So, what does this mean for players? Essentially it means a tsunami of mind-blowing fun with promotions, prizes and all kinds of offers as operators compete against oneanother to grab our valuable business. In the process they ride the crest of the wave, as we as users also do. There are also going to have to be some pretty good offers not to get swamped in the seething deluge beneath!