The Mobile Poker Game – Looking to Make a Quick Chip or Two on the Bus Home from Work?

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By Jerry Whittaker

A very wise man once said “The guy who invented poker was bright, but the guy who invented the chip was a genius!” Unfortunately the author of this brief piece of wisdom was unknown, so, we cannot pick his brain any further; although we would love to know what they think about the new mobile poker game genre; and how the “chip” fits in, in a heck of a lot more ways than one. In the old days poker at home was 6 friends a pack of cards a bag of chips, a dip, a six pack, half a dozen ceegars and green plastic shades!

Because of the continued success of live poker tournaments such as the WSOP as one example; which are regularly glamorized on the TV, and of course the popularity of online poker. It was only a matter of time before the mobile poker game became a viable game. So, if you fancy a game of poker and you want to make a quick chip or two on the bus or train home from work, now you can, and you can play these games on virtually any WAP enabled phone. But who wants WAP when they can have the latest Android, Blackberry or Apple operating systems on a smart phone. In fact the question on everyone’s lips these days has become, “who do you know who doesn’t own a smartphone?” Let’s sell them one quick!

Already a favorite pastime whether live or on the internet, poker has become mobile but this technology did not develop overnight, nor has the uptake by users been as much of a bun fight as was expected. It is a little bit nerve-wrecking to think you are gambling with real money against other players who are gambling with real money, and you are doing this with your new Blackberry Torch.

One of the most compelling factors that has changed the way mobile gamblers feel about playing games such as poker, is that most online social networking; you know, the Facebook and Twitter type; now take place by mobile phone, and this has instilled greater confidence in gamblers, online shoppers, and all kinds of people seeking all kinds of services, to use their handheld mobile phone device as apposed to PC’s and laptops.

Gosh just thinking of that; I don’t know if any of you are old enough to remember the Star Trek TV series – not the movies. They had these mobile communicators, we used to think they looked stupid when they spoke into them, and we have been speaking into virtually the same things for years. Not only that, our communicators now hold our mobile poker game, even bingo, blackjack, roulette; you name it! At least the trekkies used to play real poke – I mean, I think Scottie and McCoy did or would have done!